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Who am I? Reflections of Gen Y.

January 16, 2009

Hello All. Allow me to introduce myself. I am brand new to the world. First of all I am a brand new college graduate. Second of all I just moved to Chicago in hopes of finding a job.

For the last 22 years I have been living in a bubble. This bubble was built around the success of my parents, both financially and morally. Growing up in the shadow of the most successful generation in history, I was blessed with great family innovations such as traveling sports teams, cookie cutter sub-divisions, and video games. Late last year, as I prepaired for my graduation from a large public University this December I realized two things. First, I realized just how thick this bubble was in my childhood. One of my favorite things to do as a young child was put on Dad’s sport coat (hence the name of this blog) and play “business man”. Never thinking about the less flattering aspects of being a businessman, I would walk around and pretend to be in important meetings. Have my secratary/baby sister fetch me coffee, and in general over dramatize what I thought my dad did. Oh how idealistic I was at 5.

The second thing I realized wasn’t really apparent until I began searching for that first post-graduate job (which I have yet to find), the importance of being an active, understanding member in our soceity, call it bursting your own bubble.  I believe I have an understanding of what has happened to the economy. I have had a fidelity account since I was 16 (one of the better results of the middle-upper class bubble I  grew up in) that I use to think would just continue to grow, without much effort on my part, until I was “old” and buying a house. I am trying to learn to watch CNBC instead of SportsCenter, and in general learning the importance of being active in this world. One of the more sobering realizations of this economic crisis is that success not only doesn’t come on a silver platter,  it hides from you, teases you, and tries to make you look silly while you search for it.

When I entered college it was widely assumed after graduation someone would hire you. I never thought that someone would be Starbucks (no offense to the Starbucks people, one of the pains of becoming an adult is learning how not to make bad coffee). My overall point depends on who you, the reader is. If you’re under 23 I cannot urge you enough to not only appreciate whatever opportunities you may have, but take full advantage of them now. Should you be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to educate yourself, do so, no matter how bad last nights hangover is. If you’re over the age of 23 my point is that I hope you realize there are Gen Yers out there who want to be serious contributors to our society. This economy is the worst economy to begin a career since my parents began theirs (something I am reminded of every time I go in for the all vague “informational interview”), and I wonder what kind of clothing will  be in my closet when my child is 5 and wants to pretend to be Dad.

That is all for now!